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Visionary Leader Assessment 5-Pack
Are you a leader or are you a manager? According to leadership experts like Peter Drucker, leaders are people who do the right thing while managers are people who do things right. Both roles are vital to the success of any organization but have very different requirements.
Managing by Motivation Leader's Guide
Abraham Maslow's "A Theory of Human Motivation" has been the standard for understanding what motivates human behavior since it was published in 1943. But despite the popularity of Maslow's theories, few experiential training materials have been available to trainers. Until now, that is.
Managing the Generation Mix: Urgency to Opportunity 2nd
Every workplace struggles with it. Every manager has to plan for it. It is the "generation shift," the move from the older generations of workers to the younger. Demographic studies prove that the workplace is changing; it is becoming a mix of generations.