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By Peter Garber

Do you want to create and maintain an engaged environment within your organization, one where employees are fully focused on the goals of the company? If so, you need a program that drives employees to become engaged with these goals.

Whether you are just beginning to engage your employees or if you are looking for ways to improve your engagement program, 50 Activities for Employee Engagement gives you the skill-building activities that help you measure your current level of engagement and understand the critical issues at play.

You will learn to remove obstacles, motivate employees to engage with the organization, help employees gain new perspectives and change your organizations culture to one of engagement.

Each activity takes between 20 and 45 minutes to complete so you can integrate any activity into your training schedule whether it is a one hour program or an all day seminar. Each includes the purpose of the activity, the description of what must be done, time guidelines, resources and instructions on debriefing participants.

When you want to engage your employees and help them align their goals with those of the organization, you need 50 Activities for Employee Engagement.

Fully reproducible activities according to category: * Teaching understanding of engagement: 8 activities
* Launching employee engagement: 6 activities
* Teaching managers to lead engagement: 6 activities
* Measuring engagement: 3 activities
* Tactics to engage employees: 9 activities
* Employee engagement communications: 18 activities