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Leading in Tough Times: The Manager's Guide to Responsibility, Trust, and Motivation

By Richard S. Deems, Ph.D., Terri A. Deems, Ph.D.

Difficult times come to every organization. Whether an economic downturn, loss of an important client,
loss of a respected leader within the organization or other period of change, tough times try the leadership
skills of even the best managers. For an organization to survive such times, managers must keep their
employees motivated and engaged.

With Leading in Tough Times: The Manager's Guide to Responsibility, Trust, and Motivation, managers facing
tough times learn the principles for leading their teams through even the most challenging storms.

More than just theory, this in depth guide gives you the steps to be an authentic and genuine leader by
acting with character. You will learn to embrace change and empower your employees to do their best despite
the circumstances. You will find comfort in the examples of how others have faced and dealt with difficult times.

Whether you are facing tough times or are doing prior planning, reading Leading in Tough Times will give
you the tools to lead your team and keep them motivated and performing at peak levels. When tough times come,
be prepared to lead your team through and come out stronger for it.

Richard S. Deems, Ph.D. and Terri A. Deems, Ph.D. are world-renowned experts on organizational change and
frequently speak on the subject of change and leading through tough times.

181 pages:
Chapter 1: Lead the Way
Chapter 2: Connecting with Others
Chapter 3: That Vision Thing
Chapter 4: Mindfullness
Chapter 5: Engaging Others
Chapter 6: Re-energizing Work
Chapter 7: Ethics, Values and Integrity
Chapter 8: How do I Lead Others Through Change?
Chapter 9: How do I handle Layoffs and Downsizing?
Chapter 10: What if Im asked to Do Something Illegal?
Chapter 11: What Can I Do When the Company's in Financial Trouble?
Chapter 12: How do I Restore Confidence?
Chapter 13: How do I Motivate People?