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Managing the Generation Mix: From Urgency to Opportunity, 2nd Ed

By Carolyn A. Martin, Ph.D., and Bruce Tulgan

Every workplace struggles with it. Every manager has to plan for it. It is the generation shift,
the move from the older generations of workers to the younger.

Demographic studies prove that the workplace is changing; it is becoming a mix of generations.

Instead of feeling lost when managing different generations, managers can now understand the
ynamics of each generation and how to create a workplace where all generations can thrive. Managing
the Generation Mix, by world-class trainers Dr. Carolyn Martin and Bruce Tulgan, gives managers
insightful methods and tools to manage the generation shift.

If you, as a manager, are struggling to understand how to bring the generations together, then
Managing the Generation Mix: From Urgency to Opportunity, 2nd Ed., is for you. The book is broken
down into three sections:

(1) Whos in Your Generation Mix Today an explanation of each working generation

(2) What Does It Take to Become a Great Gen Mix Manager? a clear guide to management methods

(3) From Retirees to Teens: Four Opportunities for the Taking how to manage any generation.

By fully understanding the motivations of each generation, from teens to retirees, any manager
can create an environment that thrives on the differences between generations. Turn your work
environment into one that benefits from the generation shift.

Carolyn A. Martin, Ph.D. is a world-class keynote speaker and author of several books on managing
the generations. Bruce Tulgan is a sought after speaker, advisor to business leaders all over the
world and author of 15 books on various aspects of management.

Includes 235 pages, 12 chapters, and Recommended Resources.