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Managing by Motivation Leader's Guide

By Marshall Sashkin, Ph.D.

Abraham Maslow's "A Theory of Human Motivation" has been the standard for understanding what motivates
human behavior since it was published in 1943. But despite the popularity of Maslow's theories,
few experiential training materials have been available to trainers. Until now, that is.

With the Managing by Motivation Leaders Guide, by motivational expert Dr. Marshall Sashkin and companion
to the Managing by Motivation 5-Pack, you have the complete resource to fully understand Maslow's theories,
understand the MBM Questionnaire and how to apply it to any motivation training program. This guide gives
you the trainer the deep understanding to be able to teach motivation theory and practice to anyone
in your organization.

In Section I, the MBM Leaders Guide gives you the comprehensive coverage of Maslow's theories; Section
II gives a detailed technical review of The MBM Questionnaire; and Section III discusses the use of The
MBM Questionnaire in management training and development classes.

Learn Maslow's theory in depth, understand what The MBM Questionnaire is all about and know how to
teach it to your management teams. If you teach Maslow's theories, your training kit is incomplete
without the Managing by Motivation Leaders Guide.

Marshall Sashkin, Ph.D., is professor of human resource development at George Washington University
in Washington, D.C., and author of books like Putting Total Quality Management to Work.

Includes: * 32 page Trainers Guide with up to a full day of lesson content that include lecture materials,
discussions, and exercises.

* Detailed technical background information on Motivation theories providing a context within
which the MBM questionnaire
can be understood and used productively.