Onboarding Resources License

An unlimited use annual license to use a collection of HRD Press titles designed to assist with transitioning first year employees into productive, motivated members of your workforce. You access and use these resources through your own organization online account. You will be emailed a login link, user name and password for access to the Onboarding Resources.
These resources can be printed, reproduced and used without limits in your organization.
• Each title is provided as a pdf that is accessed online through a page turner application that enables the reader to turn pages instead of scrolling.
• You can search by keyword among the titles, or within a title, much as you would with a search engine. 
• Content can be printed or copied and pasted as is most useful for your application.
• Access is provided through a link, user name, and password.
Onboarding Resource License Titles
Three sets of products are provided:
Organization products (blue) would be used by managers or others in HR for selection, talent management, and strategic training.
Learner products (black) include titles selected for their training value to new employees.
50 Activities titles are Crossover titles (green).
Your organization can use these training activities for skills training, and there are activities that new employees can use for self-development.
Organization Products

Orientation Express

50 Activities for Diversity Training

50 Activities for Building Innovation

Fostering Employee Engagement

From the HR Skill Series:

--Performance Feedback


Right Person/Right Job

Seven Rules for Hiring Extraordinary Talent

Talent Management

The Hiring Blueprint

MPG to Interviewing and Hiring Top Performers

MPG to Recruiting the Workforce of the Future
Learner Products

Balancing Work and Family

Coaching Yourself to Leadership

Job-aids for Everyone

13 One-Page Coach Job Aids

Leadership Lessons from Mom

Leadership Lessons from Dad

Mentee Guide to Mentoring

Manager’s Pocket Guide to Influence with Integrity

Manager’s Pocket Guide to Innovation

Manager’s Pocket Guide to Project Management

Manager’s Pocket Guide to Public Presentations

So You Want to Be Mentored

Teamwork by Parker

The Service Pro
Crossover Products

50 Activities for Administrative, Secretarial, and Support Staff

50 Activities for Empowerment

50 Activities for Managing Stress

50 Activities for Self-Development