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Stories They Will Remember

By Rose D. Sloat, Darryl S. Doane

"When you talk from the heart, it is difficult not to be received well. When you touch other hearts,
it is difficult not to be remembered." That is the message behind Stories They Will Remember, by
Rose Sloat and Darryl Doane.

Stories interest, inspire, motivate and, let's face it, keep seminar participants awake. In the ground
breaking book, Stories They Will Remember, Sloat and Doane give 40 stories that anyone giving a speech,
conducting a training seminar or just a talk with a struggling employee can use to drive a point home.

Taken from legends like Abraham Lincoln, Will Rogers and others, these stories illustrate your message
and give listeners concrete examples of how others have applied the principles of controlling anger,
delegating properly, respecting others and much more.

Use these stories to add depth to your next speech and you will find that your audience is more engaged
and responsive to what you have to say. A good story will not only get your message across, it will get
the audience eating out of your hand and begging for more.

Rose D. Sloat served as the training coordinator for a billion-dollar company for 15 years and has
taught these stories, along with other training techniques throughout the country. Darryl Doane has more
than 30 years experience as a teacher, speaker, facilitator and professional consultant in programs aimed
at adults, students and the community at large.

171 pages include 40 stories.