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By Marshall Sashkin, Ph.D.

Are you a leader or are you a manager?

According to leadership experts like Peter Drucker, leaders are people who do the right thing while managers
are people who do things right. Both roles are vital to the success of any organization but have very different

With the Visionary Leader Self 5-Pack, created by Dr. Marshall Sashkin, professor of human resource development
at George Washington University, you can learn how you approach aspects of both of these roles and discover
where your strengths lie in doing the right thing or doing things right.

Simply complete the 50-item questionnaire using the included 2-part form. Use the second page to calculate your
score on 10 key leadership scales: Clear Vision of Priorities, Communicative Leadership, Consistent Leadership,
Caring Leadership, Creative Leadership, Confident Leadership, Empowered Leadership, Visionary Leadership,
Organizational Leadership and Cultural Leadership.

You will get immediate feedback about your leadership behaviors and characteristics and the impact your leadership
skills have on your organization. You will discover how you use visionary leadership behaviors, if you possess
the personal characteristics of visionary leaders and the extent to which you have or could have a positive
impact on your organization culture.

The VLSQ is perfect even for team members who are not currently in leadership roles. By working through the
questionnaire, non-leaders will get feedback about their leadership potential.

Marshall Sashkin, Ph.D., is professor of human resource development at George Washington University in
Washington, D.C., and author of books like Putting Total Quality Management to Work.

* 50 item questionnaire can be completed and scored in 15 minutes.

* Historical overview of leadership that places the Visionary Leader questionnaire in the context of
evolving research on leadership.

* Explanations of 6 common profiles that include: The Charismatic Individual, Visionary Thinker,
Organization Architect, Visionary Charismatic, Organization Planner, and Organization Tinker.

* Development recommendations.